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We read, we chat, we laugh and we get bewildered together.

That is the Bewilderment Book Club.

Join us in an on-going, virtual community and a 12 week recorded ‘live’ book club discussion. 


The Weekly Outline is

Week 1: Letting your “wrong life” fall apart.

We’ll gather all our clubbies and introduce the book as a text for moving toward a wilder, freer, happier, and more magical self.

Prework: Ask yourself what area of your life is falling apart, or where it needs to fall apart.

Identify at least one belief that is holding a negative pattern in place.


WEEK 2: Go to your forest. Begin a practice of silence and stillness. Come to class ready with questions and light coaching into silence in the moment.

Assignment: Everyone should find a place that feels nurturing and natural in their home. Should be at least one plant nearby. Animals also recommended. Do 10-15 minutes of stillness practice in this spot each day.


WEEK 3: Ask for guidance. We’ll walk through an exercise where you can meet your own imaginary guide/spirit animal. Imagine it speaking to you about your problematic issues with kindness and honesty.

Assignment: At the end of daily stillness practice, imagine a conversation with your ‘pig’, who will give you helpful advice and loving kindness.


WEEK 4: Task One (see Diana, Herself for details). Create a safe space in which everyone can practice dropping a small fear, then a large one.

Assignment: Chill your snake several times a day.


WEEK 5: Task Two (see Diana, Herself for details). Learn the body compass, repeating with a food, an action, and a thought.

Assignment: “Taste” your way through the week, checking for poison in food, action, and thoughts.


WEEK 6: Task Three (see Diana, Herself for details). We’ll discuss how you can allow your essential self to steer you.

Assignment: Look for your “Diana’s bow” while allowing yourself to be moved.


WEEK 7: Task Four (see Diana, Herself for details). We’ll share and tell heart-opening stories.

Assignment: Do heart-touching loving kindness exercises each day.


WEEK 8: Task Five (see Diana, Herself for details). Learn the Byron Katie turnaround process.

Assignment: Put your negative thoughts “in the mirror” a minimum of 10 times each day.


WEEK 9: Task Six (see Diana, Herself and Finding Your Way for details). Learn the concept of wiring into the Cloud through Wordlessness, Oneness, and Imagination. Assignment: Use puzzle-cracking at least once a day.


WEEK 10: Task Seven (see Diana, Herself for details). We’ll gather as a village to help one another solve problems through conversation and magic.

Assignment: Hold one another’s goals each day for one week.


WEEK 11: Confront your nemesis. Volunteer to be coached through the concept of being honest in a relationship where that feels risky.

Assignment: Go on an integrity cleanse vis-a-vis one difficult relationship. Tell the truth and deal with the outcome.


WEEK 12: Apotheosis: We’ll do the “I am everything, I am nothing” exercise in the group.

Assignment: Repeat this entire course over and over again, at home.


We’ll also have a private forum for anytime chat and sharing.


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