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What are the big questions to ask that lead to a big life?

I appreciate you, and today I want to share a simple but powerful resource for you. In 2014, I started The Turning Inward Podcast. It was a way for me to see what’s inside and as a way towards my own self-reflection. Questions are a really important principle and a way for you

What are you reading?

The list below is a sample of the books that I welcomed to my shelf in 2016 (in no particular order):   The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity Cameron, Julia   Sacred Choices: Thinking Outside the Tribe to Heal Your Spirit Nani, Christel   Your Best Year

Our True Home

I’m home again. I was in Washington DC for a full week, but I’m back now. While I was there I was asked, “How’s it going?” I replied with, “I’d rather be home.” and then I shared that the the sirens, the busyness and the inability to see the sunrise, set, or the stars twinkle in the night

Breath of Life I Insight from Vivian

The practice I’m sharing with you in the audio linked to this note will help you to soothe your heart and close the gap between you and the people you love. Life is breath.  The intention I hold for the Love.Being.Human practices is that they are simple methods available to all. The most

The expression of our inner joy IS happiness.

The expression of our inner joy IS happiness. It is not a state we chase or pursue but a light we bring forth. Choose to chase this baby and she’ll be like a feather in the wind, always within reach but just outside of your grasp. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. Instead my

Summer 2015, Season Four Episode 4

Determine which way you should go by looking towards your Ideal (more…)

What is your happiness IQ?

As a community of Modern Mystic’s we accept our rational thought and choose to move beyond it. As Modern Mystics we move through the world with the intention to thrive through an exploration of our inner life. As Modern Mystics we accept full and complete responsibility for the co-creation

Question Your Story

The way we, as human beings often cope with the mystery of our life is that we begin to weave meaning (also known as stories). What happens next is the story turns into a home movie on auto loop within our brain. It clouds and then shifts what we see as real and true. At its worst we mistake

Choose Hope & Act in Love

In the darkest of nights, hope is the beacon that guides us back home.  Our human instinct is withdraw from pain, my personal preference was to hide and cower in silence to literally bring my hands to my eyes and play a twisted type of hide and seek with reality. That habit recently shifted.

Do you want more intimacy?

Whether or not you currently have a beloved, here’s an intimacy game worth trying.  Are you willing? Opening doors and hearts is a part of my mojo. It’s what people in the industry call my highest leverage skill. I call it my superpower. 🙂 I have a gift with

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