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Coaching Agreement

PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY: 1. I understand that coaching is a comprehensive process that may involve all areas of my life, including work, finances, health, relationships, education and recreation. I acknowledge that deciding how to handle these issues, incorporating coaching into those areas, and implementing my choices is exclusively my responsibility. 2. I understand and agree that I am fully responsible for my physical, mental and emotional well being during my coaching calls, including my choices and decisions including any injuries resulting from diet or exercise recommended by The Carrasco Group LLC (CG). 3. I am aware that I can choose to discontinue coaching at any time, as can CG, at their discretion. In order to protect my privacy, sixth months after I terminate my coaching work with CG, my coach’s notes on me and my assignments may be deleted from their files. 4. I understand that if we engage in any coaching over the Internet, I consent to having sensitive information transmitted via e-mail, and acknowledge the risks involved, and waive any rights against CG for damages arising from any mistakes or errors made in connection with any such transmission. 5. The Carrasco Group periodically films, photographs and records particular Coaching events, conversations, teleseminars and testimonials for use in learning materials, products, new releases and other communications. I understand that by clicking the “I Agree” box below, I am entering into an agreement, providing my consent and authorizing The Carrasco Group the right to record my voice during CG teleseminars, certain telecourses and certain other programs. I understand I will be advised of a program being recorded and I have the option of participating anonymously. The Carrasco Group owns all rights and property of any audio recordings produced of me while attending programs. The audio can be reproduced or screened in a public setting, on broadcast media, in print and on the web at the discretion of The Carrasco Group. I hereby release said matter in perpetuity to The Carrasco Group without prejudice and acknowledge that I am to receive no compensation for such appearances or recordings. 6. I understand that The Carrasco Group methodology, including principles, concepts, methodology, coaching techniques and training, as well as assignments, email, attachments, and documents, are proprietary and I understand and agree that they may not be used for any purposes, other than this coaching relationship, without written consent from an officer of CG. The principles learned in coaching may be used directly in my life, but I may not speak, publish, or distribute publicly outside without written consent of an officer of CG. I understand that information will be held as confidential, provided however that such information may be shared with CG coaching professionals for training and/or consultation purposes, or as needed, at the discretion of CG, to fulfill our obligations as coach, or as required by law. 7. I understand that coaching does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of physical disorders or mental disorders as defined by the American Psychiatric Association. I understand that coaching is not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, physical or mental health care, or substance abuse treatment and I will not use it in place of any form of diagnosis, treatment or therapy. I understand coaching may not be appropriate for all people. By signing up for coaching, I acknowledge the possibility that CG may ask me to discontinue coaching or leave a workshop or other program if they determine it is not appropriate for me. 8. I understand that coaching is not to be used as a substitute for professional advice by legal, medical, financial, business or other qualified professionals. 9. Limitation of Liability – Carrasco Group Life Coaching’s total liability under this Agreement shall be limited to the total amount actually paid by Client to CG. In no event shall CG, its coaches, subsidiaries, or affiliates be liable to client for any incidental, consequential, indirect, special, or punitive damages (including, but not limited to lost profits, business opportunity, relationships with relatives, friends, or other affiliates of client, business interruption or any other loss, pecuniary or otherwise, and including any such alleged to result from CG’s performance of its obligations under this agreement). Client hereby acknowledges and agrees that the limited warranty, limited remedies and limitations on liability set forth in this Agreement are a fundamental part of the basis of CG’s bargain hereunder, without which CG would not enter into this Agreement or provide Client with the Services hereunder, and that the fees for CG services reflect the allocation of risk agreed upon by the parties. No action, regardless of form, arising from or pertaining to the Services may be brought by Client more than one (1) year after such action has arisen. I have read and agree to the above.

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