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Creating Safe Spaces for Others with Nancy Guerrera and Charlene Hoey

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Sometimes it can be difficult to find a safe place to voice your thoughts. That is why creating that space for others is so important. In this episode of Turning Inward, Dr. Vivian Carrasco has a lighthearted conversation with Nancy and Char about creating a safe place for others within American culture. To hear more about how you can nurture your emotional learning and improve your ability to receive vulnerability, join us in this episode of Turning Inward. 

Today, Vivian Discusses:

  • Creating creative responses and improv thought 
  • Practicing being open and receiving 
  • How American education has evolved 
  • Setting up a safe space for everyone to be accommodated 
  • Learning emotional understanding and conflict resolution skills
  • How to evaluate cues from other people 


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