where we gather in community to support teach and learn from each other. The highest intention for this experience is to listen deeply and ask honest and open questions to hear each other into speech unfolding our work in the world.

It is also the garden where I will plant the seeds of all my learnings as I transition from a Martha Beck Cadet in Training to an uncertified coach, then a certified coach, and finally a master coach, stepping forward in my unique path and helping you move toward yours.

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  • You’re on a spiritual quest or a healing journey.
  • You measure achievement in the harmony between the Inner search and outward hero's journey.
  • You are intrigued by learning and especially, how to listen to your intelligent heart and trust your intuition.
  • You are seeking a safe space for conversations for truth telling about the condition of our Soul- a piece of intelligence as a compass.
  • You are uncovering your hidden wholeness and journeying towards an undivided life.

Hosted Conversations on

A Butterfly in Transformation: The Phases of Human Metamorphosis (Martha Beck’s Change Cycle)

Magic Within the Chrysalis: Wordlessness & Oneness (Martha’s 1st & 2nd Technolgy of Magic)

Butterfly Gardening: Imagination (Martha’s 3rd Technology of Magic)

Butterflies of the World: Forming in Integrity (Martha’s 4th Technology of Magic & Martha’s New PAID process)

The Butterfly Grove: An Online Forum for Community, Support & Teaching

The Monarch Cluster: Coaching Circle’s

Curated Content & Resources

Upcoming Events

We’ll keep what sticks and shift and pivot as we play and get our footing.

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