I love connecting with mindful leaders, artists, and activists forging their own personal path.

….and I’d like to ask you to help me meet more of them.

I believe that the best people know the best people. The truth is, not everyone is a good fit to work with me, and not everyone is ready for what I have to share.

That’s why I prioritize relationships first: the people I connect with best are mindful leaders, artists, and activists forging their own personal path. This is the self-authoring, entrepreneurial and high-achieving type. They are working towards being a little bit better. They want to level up their inner knowing and mental habits to live more wholeheartedly, with personal integrity and be their best.

If you know someone that I should meet


I help smart women (and a few super cool dudes)
drop from their head to their heart.

Everywhere they show up in the world, they are wildly successful. They’re incredibly gifted, driven, passionate and purposeful, but they’re fraying at the edges.

They shed blood, sweat and tears - sometimes literally - to make sure that everything they deliver is world-class.

This relentless drive for excellence that has gotten them to where they are today.

But they’re also lonely, isolated and near burn out.

There’s a better way to lead and live.

My name is Vivi, and I help executives, entrepreneurs, and artists create space to be more conscious and connected so that they settle into the deep, meaningful marrow of their lives and appreciate the process.

They are trading in “ambition” for “aspiration” and are ready to rest, settle in and enjoy their life in the moment.

The key is simple self awareness. Expanding awareness so that they can listen to the silent voice within.

Imagine going from a knee jerk reaction to an intentional conscious response.

Because the only thing we truly own is our actions.

I help them say yes to all that they are with an open heart and an open mind while holding softly that sweet tender spot that needs nurturing so that they can learn and grow from it

It’s mind and heart training for modern day mystics.

It's a way to make more conscious choices allowing the interruption of bad habits and finally getting off the negative mental treadmill.

My tools and teachings give my students just enough space to center themselves, open their mind and bring their heart into their next choice because we are all evolving to our very best self.

Not as a competition or a comparison to others but a simple awareness of what our current self is and a movement towards what our best self can be.



I teach practical strategies for focus, self-awareness and resilience. Join us in Within (U)niversity and connect with other mindful leaders and creatives forging their own personal path. It’s where you learn to cultivate new levels of peace within yourself and realize what’s possible for your life.