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Learning to Find Peace in Life’s Transitional Seasons

Growth is a natural process, but it never gets any easier. Learning to find peace and comfort in transitional seasons is the greatest skill you’ll ever master. Today, Candace Palmo, editor and literary midwife, shares anecdotes from her farm and enlightening messages she’s received from nature that have helped her through growth periods. Join your host, Vivian Carrasco, and Candace as they dig up these gems from the universe in today’s’ episode of Turning Inward. 

Today, Vivian Discusses:

  • How being bound by habits stunts growth 
  • The insight nature brings 
  • Finding comfort in transitional zones 
  • Helping others give birth to their projects and visions 
  • Looking at things with a different perspective 
  • How circumstances impact how we flourish 
  • Making choices that align with our goals 
  • Changing how we view others 
  • Releasing control and letting things run their natural course 
  • How obsession leads to neglect 
  • Staying in touch with the source 
  • How forest bathing and nature reset the soul 
  • The art of putting our oars in the boat 
  • Pausing to find clarity 
  • Gaining access to your intuition 
  • The importance of working with people who are aligned in values 
  • The differences between looking at the world through a window or through a mirror 
  • Bringing our minds to a place of openness and kindness 
  • Finding your inner peace to bring peace 


Your Invitation:

I’m all about transformation, not just more information.

In a single word you can define it as *Metanoia: (n.) The journey of changing one’s minds, heart, self, and way of life.

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