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Moving From What I Should Do, To What I Want Now

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If you are, looking to change your mindset and tuning into what you want instead of what you do not want then you must tune into this podcast. You will experience a journey called “Moving from what I should do, to what I want now” – Dr. Vivian will help you transition and give you tips that can help you let go of your fears and focus on your desires.

Dr. Vivian Carrasco is a mentor and teacher that helps people live their lives to the fullest. She has the gift of seeing into the heart of things in order to help clear away the things that keep you from moving forward. She consults for Fortune 50 corporations, nonprofits and other organizations such as the Army. She holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership, Masters in Human Relations and Bachelors in Psychology.

Today, Vivian discusses:

  • An invitation to Experience and exercise with her to help you reconnect.
  • The teaching that goes on in the University in the first class of summer school .
  • What do you really want?
  • Taking tiny steps to find out what  you really want.
  • A Significant Shift for Vivian was the change in direction. What are you moving toward?
  • Levels of Asking



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