We Can Do Great Things Together

Join me in my mission to see, do & be more. Whether it’s in the local community or in the digital world, I can partner with you for:

Wellness Classes

A Pop-up Shop at Your Next Function

Prize or Gift Bag Contributions

Private Workshop

A guest on your Podcast

Presenter for your conference, seminar, or festival

Panel Speaker

Workshop leader

Guest teacher


Yoga Instructor

These are just a few ways I can partner with businesses and people that compliment my mission in life.

We can dream up other cool connections, too. Share your ideas around with me and let’s make magic happen.

If you don’t want to travel alone and you’re ready to join others on the same spiritual journey you’re walking, you can immediately access the Within (U)niversity community here.

Access it on your terms and when you're ready to guiltlessly mute all the outside noise that's distracting you from your center and instead, focus on what matters most to you.

The community exists to support and nurture your spiritual journey to achieving new levels of peace within yourself, and realizing what is possible for your life.

It’s also my whole reason for being in this space and serving lovely souls just like you.


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