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Gaining Perspective Through Sharing Stories

Today’s episode is another heart to heart conversation with Nancy and Char. We’re talking about meaning and story, and how our different perspectives affect how we view events. We talk about how we are interconnected as humans but also struggle to stay in our own lane and mind our own business despite the interconnectedness.

Today, Vivian Discusses:

  • Projection and how it affects our relationships
  • Transference vs. projection
  • Engaging in conversation is at the root of almost everything we do.
  • Conscious and unconscious exchanges of information
  • Knowing how to have engaging conversations is an essential skill.
  • Having a safe place to have conversations without editing our thoughts can lead to a greater understanding.
  • Giving yourself space to not edit your thoughts or writing can also lead to new perspectives
  • Sometimes you can’t tell a story when you are still in the middle of the story. It takes getting past it to be able to share it.
  • Facts don’t persuade us – the experience, meaning, and emotions are what persuade us.
  • Being open to others means realizing that someone else may have something to offer to a conversation.
  • We have to be circumspect about who we allow to teach us.
  • We adopt identities that we don’t always reflect what we think about ourselves.
  • Self-discovery isn’t always easy, but it can be fun and definitely worth it.


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