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We all have a purpose or meaning, but no one is going to hand you a book telling you how to find it. It’s up to each of us to uncover it.

We get to choose and are responsible for the meaning we make.

There comes a time where we realize that there’s more to our life, but fear can hold us back from discovering our heart’s true path. It may be small signs as we go through our day or a silent voice within that’s telling us we’re ready for more.

I work with women who want to build more meaning and stronger relationships in pursuit of their purpose.

The road to transformation isn’t always easy or simple. My role is to act as a conduit, a teacher and a mentor to help cast out fear and find truth, loyalty and devotion.

This is at the centre of what I call Love.Being.Human.™ – which is my approach to helping women learn to be compassionate with themselves, tap into their truth and take inspired action.

Here’s how we can work together:

Clarity Call

Uncertainty and fear can hold us back when it matters most. This one-hour call will help you work through your fear, let go of deeply ingrained beliefs and make a profound shift.

Find My Clarity

Inspiration in Action Community Garden

The community garden is where great people come to grow together. This is a group experience built on shared support and cooperative know-how, as well as training, coaching and more.

Plant My Garden

Mastermind: Design a Life You Love (In-Person)

Throughout the year, I host intimate, in-person events. These special events are designed to show you a new way of being, help you reach your dreams and set your life on a new course.

Design My Life

Love.Being.Human Small Group Coaching

This is a small group coaching experience where you’ll get unstuck and learn the foundational actions for harmony and peace within. You’ll be connected with like minded people that see the beauty, wonder and grace of life.

Show Me Details

Work With Me 1:1 (Limited Availability)

When you’re ready to dig deeper and are committed to your journey of transformation, 1:1 coaching offers intensive support to help you find your light and illuminate your path.

Give Me 1:1 Support

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