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Lauren’s Story

“Working with Vivian, I saw changes in the daily choices that define my life. When she speaks, expect it to be with a wise and piercing insight into something that perhaps sat plainly before your eyes all along. She has helped me know that each choice leads me to the work that was my inevitable destination, and helped me tap into my natural space.”

Karalee’s Story

“Vivian expands your perspective. She can see the biggest possible picture and has the passion for fulfilling potential naturally and leading others to step into their vision. In the process, she broadens your scope and catalyzes creativity (and the energy creativity brings). She has a unique combination of gifts, cultural/social context, experiences, and strengths, that give her a unique Big Picture perspective. She helps you see more, and differently than you would without her influence.”


Cindy’s Story

“The biggest take-away I got from the intensive was that I’m not alone and to never be afraid to admit you need help coping with life’s challenges. I’ve learned it’s ok to be vulnerable and that’s been empowering.”


Todd’s Story

“At Vivian’s Intensive I learned I could be my true self in all aspects of my life. With the insights that emerged from my subconscious in the painting and nature exploration exercises, I realized that I didn’t have to choose a path but could create my own, and fully live my life and share my gifts as a father, teacher, writer, and coach.”

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