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The Importance of Creating Space to Find Your True Self

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Steph Lagana is a business coach and a spiritual healer. She made a significant move when she decided to leave her career to pursue spiritual healing.

There was a time in Steph’s life when her health was failing and she was in a place where she wasn’t in alignment with her spirit. She knew some changes had to take place and she had a support system of people who believed in her and came to a different conclusion about Steph than she did. They held the vision for what Steph’s life could really be – a life of service that didn’t completely suck every bit of life out of her. Learn how Steph found the courage to transform her life, and how you can do the same.

Today, Vivian Discusses:

  • Your friends and your inner circle are so important in your life, so choose them wisely.
  • You can learn new things about yourself by going through difficult times.
  • Work can take so much of our lives, that we don’t have anything left over for us.
  • We don’t really wake up, many times we wake down.
  • Always serve from your overflow. Otherwise, you become resentful.
  • “What’s else is going on right now?” Use this question as a tool for self-awareness.
  • If your world is falling apart, find a world that is creating for you.
  • Your journal is a great space for you. Any place devoid of productivity is a good space.
  • Our conscious awareness is only 2% of what we can see. Our sub-conscious is 98%.
  • Don’t dismiss your own intuition.
  • Einstein time – scarcity of time is a figment and it doesn’t serve you.
  • Notice the thoughts you are repeating to yourself – do those serve you?
  • Your answers rest in that place of slowing down.
  • If you need a pep talk, stay tuned to the very end of this episode and be affirmed that you are going to be ok. You can’t even imagine what the future holds for you and it will all work out and be ok – if you will allow yourself the space to come into alignment with your true desires.




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