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What are the big questions to ask that lead to a big life?

I appreciate you, and today I want to share a simple but powerful resource for you.

In 2014, I started The Turning Inward Podcast. It was a way for me to see what’s inside and as a way towards my own self-reflection.

Questions are a really important principle and a way for you to build your perspective. You can choose to take the path of inquiry to explore your inner life and see your outer world differently.

Awakening, your wonder is what you’re doing and it will lead you to the BIG questions that will help you choose where to go next.

I have three different ways to question as a resource for you.

The first is for you i f your greatest intention is on having an inner conversation,and you’re exploring this as a reflective tool.

The second resource I have for you is if your questions or your greatest intention is to have connection or intimacy with your beloved or with a friend. I’ve actually done this specific tool with a friend and then finally if you want to have engagement or conversation with myself.

The first frame that I want to position with you is the way that you’re asking questions.I want to encourage you to ask “what” questions, not “why” questions.

Why questions are actually a way to trap you in the rearview mirror. When I’m asking myself why questions they put me in what I call “analysis paralysis”, but if you shift that and you start the question with “what” instead of why then it will lead you forward. It will help you to understand who you are, what you want and the kind of life you want to lead.

“What” questions help you create a different possibility. You can start by noticing whether you’re asking yourself what questions or why questions as you’re having inner conversations.

If your greatest intention is to connect more deeply with others and to build intimacy. I want to recommend the 36 questions that lead to love it’s a beautiful essay that was published in the New York Times. Google 36 questions that lead to love. It’s a distillation of the research conducted by psychologist Arthur Aron. What he did is he explored how to accelerate intimacy through a specific series of personal questions.

Those questions are laid out for you in a sequence. I’ve done it for myself, with a friend and actually shared it with those I love. It’s both deep and really cool.

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Happy Sunday Funday!



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