This is where shared support and cooperative know how group together to create a change. Where you can finally sharpen your vision about who you are and what you want with other people who get it. And where you can guiltlessly mute all the outside noise, focussing on what matters most.

Consider this your compass for moving forward on your personal path.

This is the right experience for you if you:

  • Exploring your way through a spiritual quest or a healing journey is currently a (big and integral) part of your life.
  • Tuning in completely and listening deeply is your soul food.
  • Asking honest and open questions to get real answers is important to you.
  • Trusting your intuition—heart, mind, and soul—is essential.
  • Having a safe space for conversations & truth telling about your soul helps you heal.
  • You’re learning about yourself—who you are, where you’re at, and where you want to be.

Because in order to continue our own best work—both in business and our busy lives—we need to band together.

As an organizational consultant, my past professional life revolved around reaching far and wide to develop partnerships. (Curious fact finders can learn more about that right here.) From local, community-based relationships to national friendships, I know firsthand about the meaning & fulfillment that can be found in connecting with others. And this is where that connection happens.

Inspiration in Action is a community of passionate peers who work in harmony to support each other, co-create with ease, and practice the art of play.

Because when work and play are synonymous, the possibilities for realizing (and then reaching) your dreams is completely and astoundingly limitless.


Monthly access for $48.00 USD*

Frequently asked questions

Q. How is this online subscription membership different from the (roughly) twelve billion other offers?

A. Instead of grandstanding, preaching to the proverbial choir, or standing on my soapbox yelling about lessons, this is a safe space all about you. This is a haven of hope and healing where we bring out one another’s natural gifts, giving back to one another, and helping us all succeed.

Q. Is there a specific structure?

A. Experimentation and play are at the core the way I work and Inspiration in Action, so we’ll be keeping what sticks, and pivoting as we find the footing that’s perfect for our tribe. That said, every month there will be:

• Live, hosted group conference calls (that you can download via Within (U)niversity as recordings)

• The online community forum for questions and ongoing support.

• Access to additional "tiny" teachings by me and our community members.

As a bonus, you’ll have the option to bring your online relationships from the garden into play in real life.

During my exclusive masterminds, members are invited to gather together, sharing in an artistic outlet and spreading their ideas. (The mastermind takes place in January, May and September each year.) You can learn more right here.

Q. Is it just an online community forum?

A. Nope.

Each month we’ll also connect live and on the phone as a group. Calls are monthly on the first Tuesday at 7pm CST / Wednesday 2pm NZDT / GMT 0600.

Calls will always be recorded, and shared on the Within(U)niversity platform in case you can’t be with us, live and in person.

From training, peer coaching and small group idea sharing, to a vibrant private online community forum, you’ll have the tools you need to take charge of your life.

Q. Does joining grant me lifetime access?

A. Since our group is always changing and adapting, subscriptions are offered and activated on a monthly basis. That said, the transformations, lessons and support from this group will be a part of you and your journey for a lifetime. This is an invitation to explore your deepest self.

Q. What if this isn’t the right fit for me and doesn’t help me do my best work?

A. Your happiness is guaranteed.

If you’re not happy with your investment let me know. You can cancel your subscription or request a refund by sending along an email to questions[at]

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